PoreXpert version 1.6.567

A free 14-day trial version of PoreXpert version 1.6 is available to download by clicking on the following link (Opens a new page).
This installer will also update all previously installed versions of PoreXpert from version 1.0.343.
If you have any problems upgrading please contact us for assistance.

If you are a Porometer customer or Thermo Fisher Pascal mercury porosimeter customer, we recommend that you contact your Porometer or Thermo Fisher agent or representative to obtain a customised version free of charge.

Installer troubleshooting

The following files can be used to troubleshoot your PoreXpert installation if the Sentinel Hasp drivers did not install correctly.

  • Hasp setup drivers version 6.60 compatible with Windows systems from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 8.1.

Tutorial Files for PoreXpert

The PoreXpert Tutorial Files available on the website are the files for the most recent PoreXpert tutorials, which accompany the tutorials available in the online PoreXpert help system.

Training Course Files

The files to accompany the online training courses on the training page can be found below.