Frequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of data can be used with PoreXpert?
    • PoreXpert can be used with mercury intrusion data, water retention data. From version 1.3 of the software porometry data from POROLUX™ porometers can now be used.
  • Can PoreXpert read datafiles direct from my Mercury Porosimeter?
    • PoreXpert can read datafiles exported by Thermo Fisher, Micromeritics and Quantachrome Porosimeters. For more instructions on exporting Thermo Fisher data from a PASCAL porosimeter follow the export instructions in the help system.
  • Can I use permeability or hydraulic conductivity data to derive a void structure?
    • No. Permeability or hydraulic conductivity is too sensitive to too many features of the void structure, so 'inversion' of that property is not possible. Also, a single permeability or hydraulic conductivity reading contains too little information. A single measurement from the mercury intrusion curve (e.g. the characteristic throat diameter) also provides too little information, which is why PoreXpert uses the shape of the entire curve.
  • Can I use ThermoFisher mercury porosimetry data that has been corrected for compressibility?
    • PoreXpert can read Thermo Fisher data that have been corrected for compressibility and uncorrected data from the SOLID software. If you want to use compressibility corrected data from SOLID you need to export the data using the Export to PoreXpert button on the Export Tab. Older versions of SOLID do not have this feature. If you need this feature please contact your Thermo Fisher Instrument distributor, for advice on how to upgrade the SOLID software.