A typical example

We are regularly asked to carry out modelling work. Within the research group, we have the highest expertise at running Porexpert, and we are willing to model your own samples for you if you do not want to commit at this stage to purchasing Porexpert.

Work for clients is usually confidential, so we cannot give precise details of it. A typical consultancy job is one where a service laboratory or manufacturer produces or uses some porous medium, such as a catalyst or sintered metal component. The client, perhaps the laboratory manager, knows that some products work well, but that others do not. Microscopy of the surface of the samples does not seem to reveal the difference between them, which is clearly something to do with the internal void structure. The client sends a selection of samples to us - 'good' and 'bad'. We carry out mercury porosimetry on them, and model them using Porexpert, having preprocessed the data using PoreXpand if the samples are compressible. We tell the client what the difference in pore structure is. The client then optimizes the production characteristics of future samples. An example modelling report is available to download.

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