PoreXpert has a significantly higher level of functionality to the previous Pore-Cor RS software, but it does not have the full features set of PoreXpert Professional comparisions of which can be found here.  Specific features will be:

  • 32-bit – and therefore only able to access up to 3 GBytes of RAM.
  • Reporting mode (which will be a new feature, so we can demonstrate that PoreXpert is a significant advance over Pore-Cor RS.)
  • Batch mode – i.e. ability to run a string of commands for very long simulations. Optimisation of the batch list to perform calculations in parallel, saving time. Use the batch mode for repetitive operations, such as quality control.
  • All Pore-Cor algorithms, such as fast wetting and diffusion, for which all the code has been optimised, and the physical approximations made more accurate.
  • Limited to cubic unit cells with a maximum size of 13500 void features. We have recently discovered that a unit cell of 32000 void features is necessary to stabilise the variation of permeability with stochastic generation (throw of the dice).
  • No customisation options.
  • A German and italian User Interface are available for all versions of PoreXpert.
PoreXpert will be sold to the low price high-volume market, through agents, as a leased stand-alone product.  It will act to spread knowledge of the full PoreXpert Professional product, which it will strongly advertise.