Mercury porosimetry consultancy

Mercury Porosimetry

Pascal 140 mercury porosimeter

Thermo Scientific Pascal 140 low pressure mercury porosimeter can be used to measure the percolation characteristics of your samples from vacuum up to 400 kPa. Equivalent to a capillary equivalent diameter of 4 microns.

Pascal 440 mercury porosimeter

Image of PASCAL mercury porosimeterThe Thermo Scientific Pascal 440 is a high pressure mercury porosimeter that continues the analysis from the Pascal 140 mercury porosimeter. The Pascal 440 is the high pressure model of the Pascal mercury porosimeter line working from atmospheric pressure up to 400 MPa.

The porosimeters measure the porosity and void size distribution from calculating a two dimensional approximation assuming a series of aligned cylinders, with sizes based on the Laplace-Washburn equation. The maximum applied pressure of mercury for the porosimeter is 400 MPa, equivalent to a capillary equivalent diameter of 4 nm.

We use our own computer software 'PoreXpand' to correct for the compression of mercury, expansion of the glass sample chamber or 'penetrometer' and compressibility of the solid phase of the sample. We also use our software 'PoreXpert' to develop a three dimensional structure from the mercury porosimetry intrusion curve.

All our experimental work is carried out to ISO 9001:2008.

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