Why you should upgrade from Pore-Cor Research Suite

Minimal support for Pore-Cor

There is now minimal support available for Pore-Cor RS. If you wish to register the software, please email PoreXpert Support with your serial number and authorisation code.

Pore-Cor not tested on best and latest operating systems

  • We cannot guarantee that Pore-Cor RS works correctly on 64-bit operating systems.
  • We have not tested Pore-Cor RS on Windows 8.

PoreXpert is more powerful and realistic

  • PoreXpert is more powerful than Pore-Cor and supports larger unit cells up to 108,000 void features instead of 4,000 void features in Pore-Cor RS.
  • There are new algorithms available in PoreXpert such as Thermal Conductivity.

Research and develop future materials

  • PoreXpert includes a new 'What-If' feature which allows you geometrically to modify all or parts of the generated structures, to simulate changes with, for example, sample ageing, modification or distortion.

PoreXpert is more user-friendly

  • PoreXpert and PoreXpand are much easier to use, with jargon-free graphical user interfaces.
  • PoreXpert is multi-lingual - currently English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • PoreXpert does not require your computer system to be run using an English language setting.
  • There are mobile viewers for PoreXpert files available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Regular online training courses are run for PoreXpert.

Easy to use for standardised measurements and quality control

  • PoreXpert has an integrated reporting system which automatically generates PDF reports, as well as output for future sessions, and for graphs and numerical manipulation.

Easy and cheap transition

  • Pore-Cor archive files can be imported into PoreXpert so you do not lose your data.
  • Users upgrading from Pore-Cor are eligible for a discount.

Try it for yourself. For a video tour see - Video Tour. For a free trial, go to Downloads.