PoreXpert Academic Version

Why PoreXpert Academic ?

There are two reasons behind PoreXpert Academic.

  • A significant amount of the funding for the development of PoreXpert has come from the UK research councils (EPSRC, BBSRC and NERC). As part of the mission of those research councils, research findings should be made available to other academics.
  • Our own mission is to help with problems concerning porous materials and pore fluids, and the more widely used is the software, the more likely it is that other users will benefit.

Therefore, the software is available to academic users at a very high discount (80%), or even higher for those with whom we have major substantive collaboration or who fund further development. For multiple copies of the academic software or if you want to use the software for teaching purposes, please contact us for a competitive quote.

PoreXpert Academic Features

The academic version of PoreXpert has the same functionality as PoreXpert Professional, which includes the ability to create cubic and cuboidal models of up to 32,000 void features in size. The academic version includes all of the reporting options that are available in the professional version, except that a watermark is added to all of the PDF reports to state that the report is not for commercial use.

Terms of Use

As an academic user, you must undertake:

  • that the software will be used only for private non-commercial research, study or for other non-commercial academic purposes,
  • that you will provide a reasonable credit or acknowledgement of the use of PoreXpert in your published academic papers, books, journals or similar works if those works publish results generated by the software,
  • that you will send us the citations of these documents.
As the discount is so large, we will need to verify that you are working in an academic / not-for-profit institute and that you agree these terms, before dispatching the software.