Software credits

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Software credits

Pore-Cor, and its successor PoreXpert, has been programmed and applied over several decades by a succession of talented researchers, as members of the University of Plymouth Environmental and Fluid Modelling Research Group, and subsequently as employees of PoreXpert Ltd.  All have been guided, supervised and occasionally aided by G.P.Matthews.  


They include, in approximately chronological order of main contribution:  

M.C.Spearing (Pore-Cor percolation algorithm), I.M.Roy (Pore-Cor simplex and soil water retention application), A.Johnson(soil water retention application), D.M.W. Peat (soil water retention application), C.J.Ridgway (Pore-Cor algorithms), G.M.Laudone (PoreXpert algorithms and cluster graphics, PoreXtract for Android), J.Schoelkopf (paper coating application), S.A.Huggett (particle sizes within solid phase), P. Gerstner (PoreXpert user interface, PoreXtract for iPhone, thermal conductivity), A.G. de G.Matthews (simplex manipulation of Euler beta and gamma distributions), J.C.Price (filtration application), H.Figueiredo (cluster void size calculation), K.L.Jones (graphite application) and J.W.B.Matthews (Pore-Cor DirectX graphics, server versions, cloud hardware, architecture, NUnit testing update, increased user interactions through file prompts and operation screen information, update tortuosity algorithm, cluster ratio automation, v2 user registration system, v2 installer).




Greek quote for user manual

Σολων, c.600 B.C., ex Poetae Lyrici Graeci, ed. Bergk