Spherically Centred Structures

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Spherically Centred Structures

There are two types of spherically centred structures in PoreXpert.


Small Centre Zone Structures

A small centred structure is a material which has a central spherical zone of small pores contained within larger pores and throats. This kind of structure can represent microporosity contained within the larger macroporosity, for example for a micro-encapsulated sample. An example of a small centred structure is shown in the next figure.


Spherical small centre zone structure, 5 % porosity, correlation level 0.7, cluster ratio 2



Large Centre Zone Structures

Structures featuring large spherical central zones surrounded by smaller voids may be appropriate for vuggy sandstones, or specially created dual porous catalysts.  However, remember the very small scale of the large central zone.



Spherical large centre zone structure, 8 % porosity, correlation level 0.85, cluster ratio 2.5