Stand-alone unit cell viewer, PoreXpert datafiles, User Manual, PoreXpert v2, tutorial files, application notes and posters

For datafiles giving input data for a range of porous materials, for tutorials, and illustrating previously modelled samples, please go to the datafile downloads page.

For batch files, go to batch files .

PoreXpert version 2.0 download

A downloadable 14-day trial version of PoreXpert version 2 build 703 is now available, with the licence bundled with the installer.

PoreXpert version 2 is also available as the full package protected by a hardware USB dongle, including major improvements arising from current oil industry consultancy.

To download a trial version of the software, with limited specifications, or to update your current version (using the same download), please click the button below.

Register here for free download

Stand-alone unit cell viewer for PCs

A new standalone viewer is available so that you can view PoreXpert void network structures (‘unit cells’) in 3D virtual reality. However, because it is new, Windows Defender and virus checkers do not know about it, and may regard it with suspicion.  Please be assured that it is virus free, and signed as being validated software from PoreXpert Ltd.  So you will need to confirm to continue download anyway rather than quit at any stage.  It also uses MS Visual Studio and other MS dynamic link libraries, so you will have to agree Microsoft Terms and Conditions as well as our own.

First please read the simple instructions.  Then click the Download button below.

Once you have installed the reader, a range of datafiles are available from the datafile downloads page. Or you can view your own .pxt or .porexpert files, or look at the demo.porexpert file supplied with the download.

Download stand-alone viewer
User Guides

Getting started guide: Getting Started Guide PoreXpert v2 May 2021 A5

User Manual: February 2021 edition: PoreXpert v2 User Manual.    June 2021 edition detailing changes, mainly to Targeted Modification, incorporated into build 700, due for release mid July 2021: PoreXpert v2 User Manual (June 2021) .

Licence updater

Download this signed Remote Updater Software if your licence needs updating or upgrading, by means of changes to your hardware Sentinel LDK key (hardware dongle).  After downloading the zip file, unzip it and run it. RUS_PX_V2

SCA PAU Poster

Annual Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts in Pau, France on 26-29th August 2019.

PoreXpert Version 1

For access to PoreXpert version 1 documentation please visit the v1 Help files.

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Application Notes

Modelling the depth filtration characteristics of a cellulose nitrate filter : Applicationnote-filtration-July20

PoreXpert modelling of pigment application onto ceramic powders: Applicationnote-ceramicpowders