Artefacts and stochastic realisations

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Artefacts and stochastic realisations

This is an advanced tutorial, and should only be followed once you have worked through the previous tutorials and are familiar with the general operation of the software.

It is aimed at those wishing to use PoreXpert for advanced research and product development.

It explains how to avoid artefacts, for example spurious trends generated by the computer model itself rather than actual trends within a series of samples.

It is split into a number of short sections that allow you to jump to relevant information and skip details that are irrelevant, according to the type of sample and quality of data that you are wishing to model.

It is recommended that you work through it using PoreXpert, which will take of the order of half a day. However, if you want simply to skim through it, the results are also shown as screenshots.  

All the requisite datafiles, including the outputs Excel workbook, are in the Advanced Tutorial datafile downloadable from the datafile downloads page of the website.


First, there is an explanation of PoreXpert artefacts.