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This section starts with three Introductory level tutorials.  The Initialisation tutorial leads you through the basic generation of a PoreXpert void structure. Then there are tutorials on Analysis and Calculation operations.


If you are using PoreXpert for research or product development, you will then be at the stage of wanting to model your own samples, as covered an the Intermediate level tutorial.


Before using the results to steer your own product development, it is essential to avoid artefacts - trends generated by the software itself rather than within your sample series.  Such checks are also essential for its use in research.  So be sure, finally, to work through the advanced tutorial on Artefacts and stochastic realisations.


The tutorials use various datafiles which are either in the PoreXpert folder created in your Documents folder when you installed PoreXpert or that can be downloaded from the website.  The downloads also include PoreXpert format files which record our own modelling sessions relating to the tutorial - but note the caveat in italics below.


The tutorials section on the website is more up to date than the tutorials supplied with the software at download time, and will be continually extended as required. If you have an internet connection when using PoreXpert the software will automatically use the website version of the help system.


Please get used to the idea that PoreXpert is an inverse modeller, and so, as explained at the outset, there is no single answer to any question you ask of it.  So your results from these tutorials may be different from those pictured or within the PoreXpert files, especially if your software has a different level of modelling experience than ours, remembering that the modelling gets better as it learns about your samples.  Smaller unit cells (less than 15x15x15) may produce anomalous results when using the auto cluster operation and when simulating properties, and their use is not advised, despite the faster calculation time.