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The tutorials take you through the essential operations associated with modelling your own datafiles, so if you intend doing that, it is important that you work through them before proceeding to other tutorials.


All the initialisation tutorials use our simplest datafile, based on the standard Clashac (or Clashach) clean outcrop sandstone. This is located in the following directory created when you installed PoreXpert: ...\Documents\PoreXpert\Example Files\Experimental Data\Porosimetry.   The Experimental Data directory also has example Micromeritics, Quantachrome and ThermoFisher data files in the correct format, that can be used for the tutorial, although obviously the results will then be different.


The datafile, and some of our own answers, is also in the Tutorial datafiles zip file on the website download page.


The topics covered are as follows:


Experimental data file opening (which we refer to as Sampling)

Compression correction

Simplex fitting

Building a unit cell, and viewing the unit cell in 2D and 3D.

Creating CSV and PDF reports.

Identifying void clusters