ThermoFisher File Formats

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ThermoFisher File Formats

Thermo Fisher ceased manufacturing mercury porosimeters late in 2019.  However, you may still be using one of their instruments.

The ThermoFisher software SOLID is able to export data to PoreXpert as a CSV (comma separated variable) file or as a text file. We recommend that you use the CSV file format for exporting data from SOLID into PoreXpert as this file export method has been designed created by ThermoFisher specifically to export data in an easy to use format.


Exporting data from ThermoFisher "Solid - SOLver of Intrusion Data" Software for use with PoreXpert


The screen below shows a typical Mercury Porosimetry curve performed on a Pascal 140 mercury porosimeter. In the tabbed menu in the screen below there is an option labelled "EXPORT DATA".

TF export procedure 1

Screen showing the standard Calculate and Graph screen in the solid software


After clicking on the export data button the following screen is displayed and near the bottom right of the screen there is an "Export Pore-Cor" additionally there may be an "Export PoreXpert" button. If the PoreXpert Export button is available we recommend this option for exporting data.


TF export procedure 2

Screen showing the Export Pore-Cor button in the Solid software distributed with ThermoFisher Pascal Porosimeters


Once you click on either of the export buttons a save file screen appears which generates a file which PoreXpert can open and use for modelling experimental data. If you have any problems with the export procedure in the ThermoFisher software please contact your Pascal Mercury Porosimeter supplier and us for more assistance.