Experimental Data Input File Formats

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Experimental Data Input File Formats

PoreXpert can import experimental data from different mercury porosimeters automatically.  It supports manual input of data with its PoreXpert Porosimetry File Format and also imports data from a POROLUXTM 100 or 1000.


Note that the PoreXpert quality of fit, which we refer to as Distance, is calculated as an average distance between each experimental point and the nearest simulated point.  Therefore if experimental points are bunched with respect to their position on the logarithmic pressure / size axis, that portion of the curve will receive undue weighting in the fit.  Therefore, for our own modelling, we thin the data to give approximately 1 % in Distance terms between each point.  An example of why such thinning is necessary is shown in the void size and permeability validation. If you wish to thin your data, we can supply a Python script to do that - please contact us via the website.


Water Retention curves can also be modelled.


The mercury porosimeter manufacturers currently supported with an automatic experimental import function are:


ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly Carlo Erba, now defunct)



If you are having any problems with the automatic file translators please contact us so we are informed if any manufacturer has changed the file format. Please include the file you are having problems with so we can fix the file translator and please state the version of the software you are using; this is displayed in the about PoreXpert Screen found in the help menu on the Home screen and is also displayed on the Welcome screen.