PoreXpert Porosimetry Input File Format

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PoreXpert Porosimetry Input File Format

The PoreXpert porosimetry file format is a very simple format which can be generated in a spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel using any experimental data that can generate a diameter and a corresponding percolation volume. If you are generating data manually, the data needs to be saved as a comma separated variable file (.CSV) in the format shown below, using English (UK) or English (USA) regional settings.


The following figure shows you the PoreXpert porosimetry file format and the table underneath the figure explain what each row contains.


Porexpert porosimetry format

Screen shot of the PoreXpert porosimetry format.


The layout is specified below.  (If you wish to avoid the display of a comma after the sample name, use e.g. Notepad to remove the comma after the sample name in Row 1. )



Column 1

Column 2

Row 1

Sample Name


Row 2

Porosity of sample

Type of analysis

Row 3

No. of intrusion points

Total No. of experimental points

Row 4 and below

diameter in microns

Percentage intrusion / extrusion