Auto Cluster Ratio

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Auto Cluster Ratio

Having built and viewed the unit cell in the previous tutorial, click on Run new operation...| Initialisation ... |Auto Cluster Ratio:


tutorial auto cluster ratio dropdown menu


On the Auto Cluster screen shown below, click Run sequence :


tutorial auto cluster ratio run screen


The automated search routine will search for the first test ratio above the threshold value of 3, giving a result, in this case, of 1.44 :


tutorial auto cluster ratio output screen


Click Accept, and you will be returned to the Home operations screen:


tutorial auto cluster ratio output home screen


From here you can click on operation 4, unit cell building, to see all pores that are likely to be clusters shown as stippled / rendered cubes, seen below in 3D Properties screen view:


tutorial auto cluster ratio output 3D properties screen

Click on the Preview screen to view the unit cell in 3D virtual reality.


Finally, click on operation 5: Size Distribution to display the void sizes :


tutorial auto cluster ratio output size distribution screen


Having completed this tutorial, proceed to the following analysis analysis operations tutorial.