Connectivity Distribution

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Connectivity Distribution

Load the granite learn15x 3fits.pXt file, and click on Run new operation ... | Analysis... | Connectivity Distribution .  The following screen should be displayed.  Note that by default the display is for the last fit listed in the operations list.  In this case, that is for the Horizontal: Large to small fit, which is the best fit to the mercury intrusion curve. If you wanted the connectivity distribution for another of the fits, the easiest way is to delete the fits that you do not want from the operations list before requesting the Connectivity Distribution.


tutorial connectivity distribn granite


The overall distribution of connectivities is shown with a red line. It ranges from 0 to 6 throats per cubic pore (maximum one on each face)

The green line shows that there are about 430 pores in the structure of 15x15x15 = 3375 pores which have a connectivity of 1.  These are known as ink bottle pores, and are of particular interest to the cement industry.

Above the graph is an Advanced drop-down menu which allows you to normalise the distribution, or view the distribution by volume. Using the normalise data option, the graph shows that about 13% of the pores are ink-bottle pores.

tutorial connectivity distribn granite adv controls detail

Connectivity distribution screen advanced controls for showing the connectivity of a fertiliser sample.


To find the precise number of features, Accept the Connectivity Distribution operation.  Then, when back on the Home screen showing the operations list, including the Connectivity Distribution operation, click on File | Save as... | CSV file.  Then look at the ...ConnectivityDistributionOperation... output :


tutorial connectivity distribn granite csv output



Connectivity distribution screen showing the connectivity of a fertiliser sample, the connectivity distribution is showing the number of pores with the appropriate number of connections.