3D fullscreen cell viewer controls

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3D fullscreen cell viewer controls

Controls for viewing unit cells using 3D fullscreen view in PoreXpert, stand-alone viewer and PoreXtract


oHold down left-hand mouse button and drag mouse to rotate the cell.

oHold down left-hand mouse button, drag mouse and release – keep the cell rotating.

oHold down right-hand mouse button and drag to zoom in or out (can also be achieved by rotating the mouse wheel if your mouse has one).

oHold down central mouse button and drag to move whole structure.

oPress the spacebar to return the structure to the default position.

oClick the h key on your keyboard to display shortcut keys as listed below.

oTo exit the view, click your Esc key.


The shortcuts can be displayed by clicking h while viewing the unit cell, and apply to the PC and built-in unit cell viewer only.


Keyboard Shortcut



Toggle continuous screen capture


Output statistics to console

Space Bar

Reset the viewing position to home


Toggle camera path playback.


Take screenshot to the directory containing the cell viewer.  The file is called filename.poreXpert_0_n.jpg, where filename is the name of the PoreXpert file you are viewing, and n is the screenshot number.  

Successive screenshots will increment n.  

However, if you wish to keep a screenshot, you are advised to rename and move it, as screenshots from new viewer sessions may over-write old ones.


On screen help.


On screen statistics.


Toggle camera path recording.