Stand-alone unit cell viewer for PCs

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Stand-alone unit cell viewer for PCs

A stand-alone viewer is available, as shown below.  To try it for yourself, and see PoreXpert void network simulations (unit cells) in virtual reality, download the installer PoreXpert Unit Cell Viewer.msi from the website at .


Note that most operating systems will query the download of an installer.  

Please accept our assurances that the installer is signed as authentic, and virus free.  

Therefore please click the 'Download and install anyway' type options whenever queried.


After installation, on your list of installed software, click CellViewerUI.exe , or just CellViewer , and you should then see this user interface:




Download one of the demonstration files from the website downloads page

(or you can open the small demonstration file demo.poreXpert in the CellViewer sub-directory - for example in C:\Program Files (x86)\PoreXpert Limited\PoreXpert Unit Cell Viewer\CellViewer ).


Click on the Open… button , and  the viewer will tell you how many unit cells it is found within the .pxt or .porexpert file .  For most of the demonstration files, it will find 1 unit cell file, as shown above. Click OK, and then select Cell: 1.

Select a background colour for the display (e.g. white for publications, black for presentations).

Launch the Cell Viewer.

The 3-D structure should be displayed.  Viewing commands include:

oHold down left-hand mouse button and drag mouse to rotate the cell.

oHold down left-hand mouse button, drag mouse and release – keep the cell rotating.

oHold down right-hand mouse button and drag to zoom in or out (can also be achieved by rotating the mouse wheel if your mouse has one).

oHold down central mouse button and drag to move whole structure.

oPress the space-bar to return the structure to the default position.

oClick the h key on your keyboard to show the short-cut keys available.

oTo exit the view, click your Esc key.

(On some operating systems, the cell viewer gets confused, or may crash, if you are using more than one computer monitor with an Extend arrangement. So under those circumstances, please move all open windows to your home screen, and either Disconnect Projector or Duplicate your display between the monitors.)

Any other file with PoreXpert file with the extension *.pXt or *.poreXpert can be viewed.  Many modelling sessions saved as .pXt or .poreXpert files contain several unit cells. The viewer will count them, and require you to choose which unit cell you wish to display. If you have been sent the .pXt or .poreXpert file, then the sender should have explained to you which cells are of interest in the list.  If you are preparing to send your unit cell output to another person, then look at the .pXt or .poreXpert file in PoreXpert itself. Look down the operations list, and note which unit cells refer to structures of interest to the person to whom you are sending the file.