Wetting Fluid Uptake

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Wetting Fluid Uptake

The figures in this tutorial relate to the file granite learn 15x 3fits.pXt , in the Tutorial datafiles zip file available at the website downloads page.  If you wish to match the pictured outputs, then load that file before continuing.


To simulate wetting, click on Run new operation... | Calculation... | Fluid Uptake.


Then select wetting with water (default) for 500 ms :



tutorial fluid uptake granite 500ms screen

At the end of the simulation, if you click on the structure image on the right of the screen, it will expand, as shown in the next figure.  To obtain a graph of the content distribution,  see the Connectivity Distribution tutorial.


tutorial fluid uptake granite 500ms water unitcell

A slightly zoomed in view of the wetted unit cell is shown below.  Notice the colour coding - the pink pore on the right is only partially full of water, whereas the dark blue pores and throats are entirely full.