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Welcome to the help system for the PoreXpand part of the PoreXpert family of products. PoreXpand is a pre-processor that carries out high-precision correction and compressibility analysis of data exported from Micromeritics Autopore III or Autopore IV mercury porosimeters.


The software is launched independently of PoreXpert, but outputs data in the PoreXpert format for direct entry into PoreXpert itself.


It requires the Micromeritcs data files to be exported from the Autopore software in uncompressed (i.e. readable ASCII text) .RPT format, without the instrument software correcting for the blank or compression, as it is invalid if the data is corrected for compressibility twice.


PoreXpand can correct for the following properties.


Compression of mercury

Expansion of the penetrometer

Compressibility of the sample at high applied mercury pressure


It also provides a measure of the compressibility of the sample in terms of its bulk modulus.


PoreXpand is not able to correct for thermal effects caused by the experiment being run too quickly. The next topic provides a best practice list for mercury porosimetry to ensure you get good quality data. Not all of the recommendations are applicable to different instrument manufacturers. The correction performed by PoreXpand is explained in more detail in the following topic. A tutorial explaining how to perform a complete compression correction is also available.