Capillary Bundle Model

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Capillary Bundle Model


As shown in the validation section and explained in our publication, the capillary model is invalid for nearly all samples, except, for example, highly ordered zeolites and track etch membranes. A screen shot of a PoreXpert Capillary bundle structure, displayed using the 3D cell inspector,  is shown below.


Capillary bundle clashac


When using the capillary bundle model to determine the size distribution, the results from the size distribution are only valid when using a combined graph of pores and throats, as it can be seen that there are no individual pore or throat features. The lateral positioning of the capillaries is nominal and should not be taken as a precise representation. This structure type has a limited maximum porosity - at the very most 78.5 %, as the diameters of the capillaries do not allow the capillaries to be placed any closer together.