Full screen 3D viewer

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Full screen 3D viewer

Clicking 3D full-screen view once on the unit cell viewing screen displays a full screen 3D view of the unit cell.  Various controls and shortcuts are available to view it.


The next figure shows an example unit cell displayed in the full screen cell viewer. Any screen shots captured will be located in the My Documents\PoreXpert folder.  The first screenshot will have a name such as externalCellView.poreXpert_0_0.jpg . Successive screenshots will have incremented numbers.  However, once you quit the viewer, numbering will start again and will overwrite previous images, so it is wise to copy and/or rename any views you wish to keep.

The example below is the 5th stochastic generation of the void network for sandstone sample 4 used in the permeability validation exercise. The small scale bar bottom left is the pore row spacing - i.e. the spacing between successive rows in each Cartesian direction of the equally spaced void features.  The unit cell size is then this spacing multiplied by the unit cell array size - in this case 195.248 μm x 25 = 4881.2 μm = 4.881 mm in each Cartesian direction.



Full Screen Cell Viewer screenshot of a 25 x 25 x 25 unit cell showing scale bar, Cartesian axes and clusters.  The solid phase is transparent, and the voids are shown solid.  The structure type Vertically banded, 16% porous, correlation level 0.21, cluster ratio 1.26


Unit cells with other structure types are pictured in the Fitting percolation characteristics section.