PoreXpert sub-versions

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PoreXpert sub-versions

PoreXpert is the successor to Pore-Cor Research-Suite. The different sub-versions of PoreXpert, controlled by your software licence, are listed below. For an up to date list of their various specifications, please visit www.porexpert.com/specifications/ . Non-English language international versions are also available.



PoreXpert Professional is the fully featured version for research and development.






mortar board

PoreXpert Academic is a full version supplied at large discount to universities and research institutes who wish to use it solely for research purposes, cite its use in their publications, and keep us informed of the outputs of their research. It is also great for teaching - students love the virtual reality, and being able to print out a pre-formatted pdf report of all the modelling operations so they do not need to write a report themselves !





PoreXpert is a partially featured version for trials and supplied at a discount






The Cloud versions of PoreXpert are configured to run on our local or remote cloud computing facilities.  They run by command line within a Linux (Ubuntu) environment, and so have no overheads. The raw computing power is useful for carrying out simulations for large unit cells (greater than 20x20x20) of permeability, tortuosity and wetting in hours and days rather than weeks. Please contact us if you have specific calculations you would like to be run on cloud computers - typically for a major research or development programme involving multiple simulations of that type.