Pore-Cor Research Suite

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Pore-Cor Research Suite

PoreXpert's predecessor was Pore-Cor (Pore-Level Properties Correlator), which is no longer supported. It is a software package which allows the study of the pore level properties of any mesoporous or macroporous solid, i.e. a solid with pore sizes greater than 2 nm (Rouquerol, Avnir, Everett et al., 1994). (Fluids trapped in microporous solids such as zeolites have their properties altered by the geometrical constraints of the pores, an effect not modelled by Pore-Cor, Webb and Orr 1997.)


A good account of much of the theory on which Pore-Cor is based on is given in Dullien's textbook. Since that work (in 1992), there have been many advances - such as the study of compressible structures, the use of wetting fluid drainage, and the calculation of permeability from 3-D structures generated from mercury porosimetry. All these advances are included in this program, and cited in the Reference list at the end of the help system and user manual.


How is Pore-Cor Research Suite related to PoreXpert?

PoreXpert includes all of the capabilities of Pore-Cor Research Suite and then expands on the capabilities by the addition of new algorithms such as Thermal Conductivity and Cluster Analysis. PoreXpert also includes features such as automated fully formatted pdf and csv reports for quality control purposes and easier export of the data, and the ability to run the software in an automatic mode (PoreBatch) .


To export data from Pore-Cor RS to PoreXpert follow the instructions here.