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Home Screen menu bar

The PoreXpert menu bar is displayed after you have carried out all the Initialisation operations (Sampling, Curve Fitting and Unit Cell Building). It contains a menu which allows all of the operations available in PoreXpert to be performed, from saving a file to running a batch operation. The PoreXpert Menu Bar is shown below.


porexpert menu bar


Clicking on the menu bar reveals four drop-down menus: File (as detailed in the next subsection below), Run new operation, PoreBatch and Help.


The Run new operation and PoreBatch commands in the menu bar perform the same operations. The difference between these two commands on the menu bar is in when the operation is performed: if you use Run new operation the operation is performed immediately, and if you use PoreBatch the operations will run at a convenient time for you such as overnight. The batch mode will also operate in parallel reducing the time to complete the list of operations.


The Help dropdown menu gives access to the integrated help which automatically checks for an internet connection. If an internet connection is not available it launches the local version of the help system. If an internet connection is available the help system connects to www.PoreXpert.com/help2 for the latest version of the help system. The About screen found under the help menu also allows you to change the language of the software.


File drop-down menu

The File dropdown menu shown below allows you to perform key functions such as opening experimental and PoreXpert files. You can also use the file menu to save your operations to a PoreXpert File. The Save as... function also allows you to generate reports in CSV or PDF format.


The Edit available materials... option allows you to browse, add or edit the materials database.


The Add a manual unit cell... feature can be used for design purposes. For example, if you have a mercury intrusion curve of a filter, you might want to see how the filtration properties are changed by increasing the porosity by 1 %, but keeping all the other fitting parameters the same.


Append operations... is used to combine operations from another PoreXpert file. This can be useful if you have created a separate PoreXpert file containing, for example, intermediate wetting structures and you want to add some of the wetting operations to your current operations list.


porexpert file menu