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PoreXpert converts all experimental data into SI units using the properties of the default intrusion fluid or the intrusion fluid specified when opening the experimental data file.


The table below lists the properties and the associated units used within PoreXpert for calculations. If the property is not in SI units a conversion factor is listed below.





Mega Pascals (MPa)


Microns (μm) (m * 10-6)


MilliDarcies (mD)

Interfacial Tension

Newtons per metre (N m-1)

Intrusion Fluid Contact Angle

Degrees (°)


Kilograms per cubic metre (kg m-3)

Specific (Volumetric) Heat Capacity

Kilojoules per cubic metre kelvin (kJ m-3 K-1)

Thermal Conductivity

Watts per metre kelvin (W m-1 K-1)


Pascal second (Pa.s)

Mean Free Path

Microns (μm) (m * 10-6)

Diffusion Coefficient

Metres squared per second (m2 s-1)

Molecular radius

Microns (μm) (m * 10-6)


The software automatically converts the pressure in Micromeritics and Quantachrome data files from Pounds per Square Inch (psia) into MPa. If you want to convert between MPa and psia you can use the following conversion factor:


MPa / 0.00689475729 = psia


The permeability and filtration algorithms do not use the SI unit for permeability which is a metre squared if you want to convert the units provided by PoreXpert into SI units use one of the following conversion factors. The metre squared is not commonly used for permeability; you will normally see the permeability in microns squared:


mDarcies * 0.00098692 = μm2