ThermoFisher Text Format

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ThermoFisher Text Format

The ThermoFisher text file format is a text file formatted in the following way and is created from the SOLID software using the "Export to Pore-Cor" Button on the export page this button is available in older versions of the SOLID software, if you have a new version of SOLID with an "Export to PoreXpert" button we recommend that you use this option to export data.


The software looks for these parameters:


The 'Operator' Name

The Date followed on the next line by the Sample Name.

The Text "* * * Calculation parameters * * *" followed on the next line by the Contact angle (Deg) followed on the next line by the Hg surface tension (Dyne/cm)

The Text "Average pore radius" followed on the next line by the "Total porosity (%)"

The Text "C U S T O M R E P O R T" followed three lines later by the Intrusion Data.

Intrusion Data:


The intrusion data needs to be in two columns as shown below, with the correct units.

Cum. Volume Inc. Pressure (Inc)

(mm3/g) (MPa)


The following requirements need to be fulfilled by the data, but usually will be without you needing to check.


There should be no readings of 0 pressure. It is physically impossible that intrusion would happen with such a pressure. If you have 0 Cum Volume, 0 Pressure data point, then it would be best to simply remove it.


If you have Extrusion data to include, put in an adjacent set of two columns, to the right of the Intrusion data.


Both the Volume and the Pressure ought to consistently increase until the extrusion data points are reached where they both ought to consistently decrease.


There should be no negative pressures or volumes.


The data should be numerical, and not in scientific notation, e.g. (0.02) rather than 2E-02


Example of ThermoFisher Text File Format


datafile format TE