Consultancy Services
Why use us?

Our Technical Team are always pleased to carry out consultancy work. We offer world-class expertise in measuring and modelling mercury porosimetry data, and modelling porometry or water retention profiles of porous samples. We also offer helium pycnometry, surface area and nano-pore size measurements using nitrogen, argon or n-butane, as well as powder pycnometry which, with helium pycnometry, gives the exact porosity of irregularly shaped samples. Recent consultancy work includes:

  • Density, surface area and pore size analysis for a major mineral company
  • Helium pycnometry for the National Physical Laboratory
  • Mercury porosimetry analysis for Delta T devices, a major paper company and a major drug company.
  • Mercury porosimetry, density analysis, porosity, permeability and diffusion measurements and modelling for a major energy company.
  • modeling

    To quote from customer feedback:
    “Providing a service in a complex measurement area is a difficult challenge. The service provided was exemplary.”

    We can offer real benefits where samples are tricky to analyse, as a result of complications such as compressibility. Note that if you request modelling of your own experimental data, the data must be of very high quality - for example , mercury intrusion must be carried out slowly (at least 60 seconds equilibration time at each pressure), preferably in a temperature controlled laboratory, and with an appropriate blank run at the same temperature and pressures. Standard ISO procedures and instructions from manufacturers do not require this, but can give un-modellable results.

    All our experimental work is carried out to ISO 9001:2008.


    Prices are available on application - to obtain an informal quotation please fill out and return the consultancy quotation form.
    However if your job is urgent , please feel free to phone us on: +44 (0)1752 584797 or +44 (0)1752 584715.

    Consultancy partners

    Our ISO 9001:2008 accredited consultancy partners, also located in the Davy Building of the University of Plymouth, are the Consolidated Radio-Isotope Facility, and the Analytical Research Facility. For further information about the Analytical Research Facilities please fill out the consultancy quotation form and this shall be forwarded on your behalf to the correct department.

    Terms and Conditions

    All consultancy is carried out through University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd (UoPEL), the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the University of Plymouth. UoPEL's terms and conditions apply to all contracts.

    If this is your first enquiry, then please email the Technical Support Team, or use the Contact Us form to detail your request.