PoreXY change log

PoreXY is a porosimetry datafile pre-processor for PoreXpert, available as detailed below.

Type of releaseDateVersionDescription of change
UpgradeDecember 20222.1.50Automatic reading in of Micromeritics Autopore V format files
Detection and partial rejection of bulge in extrusion curve due to Hg heating during too-fast intrusion
More comprehensive range of user choices of corrections and calculations
Improved access to Help system, now only offered online
Additional example datafiles
Automatic checking for updates and upgrades
Full release26th September 20222.0.44Database error message corrected
Version number display
Opened to further file types
License free use permitted
Corrected graph refresh before analysis of subsequent samples
Calculation progress indicator
Thinning for small datafiles implemented
Beta release17th June 20222.0.40A completely redesigned and more intuitive version of PoreComp and PoreXpand, including completely redrafted Help document.
Now reads in BELPORE datafiles.
Allows skipping of blank files and compressibility corection when not required.
Carries out review of porosity value from instrument and substitutes its own if it judges it to be better.