New world-leading identification of void clusters
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Want to know more about your porous material ?
catalyst, sinter, filter, tight-oil shale, nuclear graphite, soil, battery separator ...
Not as sinister as it looks - a vuggy PoreXpert void network.
Visit the the Downloads page to view this and other void networks in 3D virtual reality.
A nuclear reactor core sample prepared for surface area measurement
Better understand your porous material

PoreXpert is an intelligent, automated inverse modeller for wide range of porous materials and pore fluids.

  • For a historical but informative visual tour of version 1, please watch the video.
  • To view void network structures yourself in 3D virtual reality, download the Unit Cell Viewer from the Downloads page.
  • For an up-to-the minute User Manual tour of the new version 2, click this link .
  • To check versions currently available, see Licensing.
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Product Features


the percolation characteristic of your solid

  • mercury porosimetry
  • porometry
  • water retention


  • size distributions of all types of void
  • virtual reality image of complete void network

Simulated properties

  • percolation
  • permeability
  • wetting
  • tortuosity
  • filtration

What if modelling

The effect on any property caused by

  • erosion
  • occlusion
  • compression
  • ageing

Our Products


Characterization and optimization of the properties of your porous material.

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PoreXY, the brand new data pre-processor for PoreXpert, allows you to trim and thin data to make it more statistically representative for modelling, as well as giving you the solid phase bulk modulus (compressibility) of your sample.

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Cell Viewer

View PoreXpert void structure networks on your personal computer. A free viewer, upgraded in June 2023, is available from the Downloads page.

Learn More from the PoreXpert Help system

View PoreXpert structures on your mobile phone or iPad

Learn More from the PoreXpert Help system

Our consultancy services


We offer use of our own PoreXpert software for companies who have a problem to solve, but do not wish to spend time learning PoreXpert themselves.

Projects range from short-term modelling of a few characteristic curves measured by the client, to longer term use including development of bespoke features in the software, and supply of the specialised software to the client.

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By arrangement with the University of Plymouth, UK, we offer a range of measurements as stand alone,  for input into PoreXpert or for validation of modelling outputs.

Projects range from individual experiments to major surveys of a range of samples of different manufacturing characteristics, different weight losses, etc.

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I think the software is awesome and enjoyed getting to grips with it

Prof. Kip Jeffrey, Professor of Mining Education, University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines, UK.

PoreXpert is a powerful in silico tool to predict the performance of porous materials in the biomedical field

Carlos A García-González, PhD Eng., Dept. Farmacología, Farmacia y Tecnología Farmacéutica, Facultad de Farmacia, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

PoreXpert v2 provides me with a large improvement over the package that came with the porosimeter

Robert Pattillo, Reno Refractories Inc., Alabama

[PoreXpert v2] – great step forward

Dr Cathy Ridgway, Head of Surface & Optical Characterization - R&D Services, Omya International AG

… a comprehensive tool for modelling porosity and fluidics in porous structures

extract from RSC Chemistry World review

This software has enabled us to improve our sintered aluminium test piece, and we have featured some virtual reality structures in our new company brochure.

Dr Mark Cross, Chemical Technology Manager, Ultraseal International, Coventry, UK

…we are very impressed with your work. We’ve sent samples to other groups for analysis and none have even come close to the information you’ve given us.

Jeffrey Alvaji, QuestAir Technologies Inc., Canada

…congratulations for new version of your software. It is very user-friendly!! I think it will increase consistently the use of model worldwide

Prof. Francesco Morari, Università di Padova, Italy

You and your team have produced a great tool – which seems to only improve with time

Walt Pavlakovich, General Manager Tech. Service, World Minerals Inc., California

I have gained further insight on my research work after undergoing the training course which will be very helpful in moving forward. It has a lot of capacities to be explored based on the user’s needs, and is very user friendly!

Paul Dim, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom