Reporting bugs and suggesting modifications

PoreXpert is a huge and highly complicated software package.  PoreXpert version 2 has been extensively tested, but nevertheless you may discover issues, bugs and errors, or wish to suggest modifications.

Please first check the table below, which lists those that we already know about.

If the issue is not on the list, please record it on this proforma in Word format: Bug log proforma or rich text format: Bug log proforma.  Please use one form per bug or suggestion – if you have more than one report, then the blue text details only need to be filled in once. Then email them to .

Thank you – your advice and opinion will help further to improve PoreXpert.

Description of issueEncountered in buildDate reportedStatus
Attempts to create pdf reports for very long and large modelling runs give a Windows time-out error70325-Jun-21Not yet addressed
Targeted Modification - Collapse option works in immediate Batch mode, but not from saved Batch files. 70328-Jun-21Not yet addressed