A table of specifications for build 703 and greater is shown below.  The trial version has limited functionality, as shown, but should give you a feel for data input, creating a simulated void network model (‘unit cell’), measuring its permeability, and outputting the results for (i) a further session, (ii) as character-separated variable (csv) tables for output to other software, or (iii) as a pre-formatted pdf report of your session. The download is the same for the trial version, full academic and full professional version – its behaviour is controlled by the licence – either the default trial version, or a full Academic or Professional version activated by a plugged in Sentinel dongle that looks like a USB flash drive.

To learn more about any specific item, search for it in the Help system.

FeaturesPoreXpert 14 day trial PoreXpert Professional and Academic
Supported data typesThermo porosimeterYesYes
Micromeritics porosimeterYesYes
Quantachrome porosimeterYesYes
Porolux™ porometerYesYes
Water retention filesNoYes
Model parametersUnit cell shapeVariableVariable
Unit cell grid size15x15x1525x25x25
Maximum number of void features4 00062 500
Structure type (short-range size auto-correlation)All except fully randomAll
FeaturesAutomated void cluster identificationYes but may not work for small (10x10x10) unit cellsYes
Partial intrusionNoYes
Thermal conductivityNoYes
Simulated microtomingNoYes
Targeted modificationNoYes
Learning modeYesYes
Analysis operationsPore size distributionYesYes
Throat size distributionYesYes
Connectivity distributionYesYes
Ink bottle poresYesYes
Fluid uptake progressNoYes
Content distributionNoYes
ReportingPoreXpert xml and compressed-xml formatYesYes
Pre-formatted pdfYesYes
csv for output to spreadsheet and other softwareYesYes
Batch operationsBatch mode operationNoYes
Model visualisationDynamic results virtualisationYesYes
X-ray modeYesYes
2D slice viewerYesYes
3D viewerYesYes
3D video captureYesYes
Phone and tablet compatibilitiesiPhone and iPadYesYes
Android phones and tabletsYesYes
Online webinarsYesYes
Generic application notesYesYes
Additional software supportYesYes