A table of specifications is shown below.  Your particular sub-version, shown as a column in the table, is controlled by your licence.  However, the only sub-version currently available is PoreXpert Professional, and the discounted PoreXpert Academic which has identical functionality to that of PoreXpert Professional.

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 FeaturesPoreXpertPoreXpert ProfessionalPoreXpert for POROLUX™
Supported data typesThermo porosimeterYesYesNo
Micromeritics porosimeterYesYesNo
Quantachrome porosimeterYesYesNo
Porolux™ porometerYesYesYes
Water retention filesYesYesNo
Model parametersUnit cell shapeCubicVariableCubic
Unit cell grid size15x15x1530x30x3015x15x15
Maximum number of void features13 50010800013 500
Capillary bundle modelYesYesYes
FeaturesAutomated void cluster identificationYesYesYes
Partial intrusionYesYesNo
Thermal conductivityNoYesNo
Simulated microtomingNoYesNo
Targeted modificationNoYesNo
Learning modeYesYesYes
Analysis operationsPDF reportingYesYesYes
Pore size distributionYesYesYes
Throat size distributionYesYesYes
Connectivity distributionYesYesYes
Ink bottle poresYesYesYes
Fluid uptake progressNoYesNo
Content distributionNoYesNo
Batch operationsBatch mode operationYesYesCloud only
Model visualisationDynamic results virtualisationYesYesYes
X-ray modeYesYesYes
2D slice viewerYesYesYes
3D viewerYesYesYes
3D video captureYesYesYes
Phone and tablet compatibilitiesiPhone and iPadYesYesYes
Android phones and tabletsYesYesYes
Online webinarsYesYesYes
Generic application notesYesYesYes
Additional software supportYesYesNo