Depending on your version of PoreXpert, PoreXpert is supplied as a downloadable version or on a PoreXpert branded memory stick.

  • A demonstration copy of the software can be downloaded by clicking on the free trial button in the header and registering for a PoreXpert account. It works with a software license that gives you a fourteen day trial of the software.
  • PoreXpert, PoreXpert Professional and PoreXpert Professional Academic are protected by Hardware dongles attached to your USB port.
  • PoreXpert Cloud and PoreXpert Professional Cloud are web based services for intensive simulations – please contact us if you wish to make use of these versions.
  • PoreXpert for POROLUX™ is protected by a software license and 30 day demonstration versions are available from your instrument manufacturer.
  • Corporate networks. The software can also be licensed over a corporate network if multiple users in your company need to use a version of PoreXpert. Please contact us if you want a quote for a network license.

How to install PoreXpert

Double click on the setup file called “Setup.exe”.

During the installation the installer will also install the Sentinel Hasp Drivers onto your system. These drivers allow the copy protection system to work.

Once the installation has finished please insert the Sentinel Hasp Key into a spare USB port.
If the Sentinel Hasp Key has installed correctly a red light will be visible in the Sentinel Hasp Key. If the Sentinel Hasp Key has not installed correctly more up to date drivers can be downloaded from the Sentinel Website.

After the installation process has finished and the Sentinel Hasp Key is correctly installed you are then able to launch PoreXpert.

When PoreXpert is first launched, it will ask you to register PoreXpert so that you can access customer support.

Getting started

A Getting Started Guide, as well as the full User Manual in pdf format, is available from the Downloads page.