Versions, licenses, updates and upgrades

Current versions

Two versions of PoreXpert are currently available – PoreXpert Professional, and PoreXpert Academic.  Both versions are functionally identical, but PoreXpert Academic is provided at an 80% discount for non-profit academic research purposes only.  Such a large discount is a reflection of the fact that much of the early development of Pore-Cor and PoreXpert was funded by U.K. research councils.

We are also working on a downloadable, time-limited trial copy.  This should be available in November 2020.

PoreXpert licence

Stand-alone apps and viewers are supplied free of charge.  However, to run PoreXpert itself, you will need a licence – either a software licence linked to the computer hardware, or a hardware licence which activates a dongle which plugs in to the USB port on your computer.

From version 1.6 of PoreXpert it is possible to transfer a software licence between computers; please email or contact us for assistance.


Updates and upgrades

An update to the software is a minor improvement to the software e.g. from version 1.0 to version 1.1.

An upgrade is a major revision, with new features, and is marked by going from, for example, version 1 to version 2.

Licences are either trial, annual or perpetual.

Trial licences last for 14 days, and we do not renew them – they are for demonstration purposes, not for carrying out your full project !

The Annual lease option includes an annual support charge which entitles you to free updates to the software.

Perpetual users are entitled to free updates during the first year, but not upgrades. However, if a perpetual lease is purchased within 30 days of a following upgrade, that upgrade will be supplied at no further cost.

All current users are entitled to a discounted upgrade price when PoreXpert is upgraded.


How to carry out an update or upgrade

Updates are free of charge. Please contact us if your version of PoreXpert tells you that a newer version of the software is available.

Upgrades, specifically from PoreXpert version 1 to version 2, may be obtained for a fee dependant on your prior copy and use  of the software.  Please contact us for details.

Once the relevant fee has been paid, or if there is free entitlement, hardware dongles may be updated remotely, specifically for moving from PoreXpert version 1 to version 2, and to extend or remove time limits.  Please see the registration instructions in the User manual.

If you purchased PoreXpert from an agent, then it is also possible to upgrade by contacting the agent.