Application notes

Links to presentations and notes about some of the many applications of PoreXpert.

ApplicationDocument contentsDocument formatFile size / MBDownload link
Special core analysis and hydraulic fracturing (fracking)The commercial benefits of using PoreXpert for this application, the scientific advances, and outputsPowerPoint show9PoreXpert_Special_Core_Analysis.ppsx
Special core analysis and hydraulic fracturing (fracking)As above, but with more detail, selectable sections, and link to a video on Vimeo showing zoom into a PoreXpert void structure simulation PowerPoint show (if requested, Enable editing and/or Enable content)11PoreXpert_Special_Core_Analysis_with_video_link.ppsx
Inverse modelling of nano- to macro-scale voidage within tight-oil shaleA poster presented at the Society of Core Analysts (SCA) annual symposium, Pau, August 2019single page pdf4SCA_Pau_poster.pdf
Filtration characteristics of filtersDepth filtration characteristics of a cellulose nitrate filter3 page pdf0.4Applicationnote-filtration-July20.pdf
Pigment application onto ceramic powdersApplication of pigment onto a powder substrate with a wetting fluid as carrier3 page pdf0.3Applicationnote-ceramicpowders.pdf