Consultancy terms and conditions

PoreXpert is the world’s best inverse modelling software, and we have access, via arrangement with the University of Plymouth, to some very advanced instrumentation to characterize porous materials. These are used as required within consultancy. However, porous materials are very difficult to study and model, and that difficulty becomes un-manageable if we do not know all the relevant details of the material we are modelling. The more information that goes in to the experimentation and modelling, the more benefit that comes out.

Therefore, in general, we will only commit to consultancy contracts where there is a non-disclosure agreement at the outset, allowing free flow of information about the relevant properties of the material and in-depth discussion. Anything highly commercially sensitive and/or outside the remit of the modelling, can nevertheless be kept confidential from us. We have signed many non-disclosure agreements, and there has never been any breach of confidentiality, or leakage of the mass of commercially sensitive information that we have been given by our many clients. We are usually willing to carry out a limited proof of concept study free of charge. On the contract as a whole, payment terms are usually 30% in advance and 70% on completion.