Nanopores to macropores in nuclear reactor graphite and tight-oil shale

6 July 2022

Are you trying to understand the behaviour of pore fluids in a material in which voids of all sizes, from nanopores to macropores, are completely mixed up and inter-dependent ?  Are you flummoxed as to how to study nanopores when mercury porosimetry cannot get to a high enough pressure to intrude them ?  Or are you trying to improve on the current crude models used to calculate relative permeability ? Then take a look at the PowerPoint presentation that we gave to the Royal Society of Chemistry Porous Materials Interest Group in Glasgow, UK in June, available from the Downloads > Applications page.  Extra text has been added to compensate for the absence of an oral commentary, and for your entertainment it includes two movies – one a trip through a real tight-oil shale from a fracking reservoir measured using FIB-SEM as illustrated, and another a trip through a PoreXpert virtual pore network.