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PoreXpand update

23 November 2020

If your samples are compressible and you are using a Micromeritics Autopore porosimeter, then you should use PoreXpand as a data pre-processor.  It allows much more precise correction for compressibility than the standard automatic correction, and also measures the bulk modulus of the solid phase of the sample.  In response to renewed interest and sale of PoreXpand, we have updated it with the latest graphics drivers, and refreshed its Help system . Please contact us if you wish to purchase a copy.

First update of PoreXpert v2

21 October 2020

Unlike much software, updates to PoreXpert are free of charge. In response to suggestions and requests from current users, we have produced the first update to PoreXpert version 2, with details shown on the Software Support | Change log page. Various new messages and controls have been translated into five languages, including Spanish as shown.

Major consultancy continues

8 September 2020

Having agreed Force Majeure clauses due to Covid-19, consultancy for a major client re-commences, using PoreXpert version 2 for commercially key samples and simulations never before attempted.

Version 2 starts shipping

31 July 2020

PoreXpert version 2, having successfully completed its alpha testing, is now being shipped to international customers.  Please contact us for your own trial or full copy.

Positive feedback from alpha tester

19 July 2020

Concluding comment from an alpha tester:  Congratulations to you both and the team, this is a triumph. How far computing and graphics have come!

Alpha testing

7 July 2020

We are currently testing the alpha release of PoreXpert version 2, both in the UK and mainland Europe.  We are currently on track for the beta release to all our patiently waiting customers late in July.

User registration system

2 July 2020

A new, fully validated and encrypted user registration system has been developed, ready for the imminent alpha and beta releases of PoreXpert version 2.

Portugese translation

26 June 2020

Thanks to Sara of Frontier IP, PoreXpert v2 will now be available in Portugese, as well as fully updated Italian, German, Spanish and French.

Encryption speed test

19 June 2020

A problem with PoreXpert versions up to 1.8 was that the encryption necessary to protect the software slowed it down.  Using newly purchased software we have been working to improve the speed of the most commonly used operations, and have successfully applied it so they now run comparably as fast for our users as for ourselves.  The graph compares the speed of calculation for a (small) 12x12x12 unit cell, with about 4300 void features – fitting for Vertically Banded and Small Centre Zone structure types (short range size auto-correlations), absolute permeability to water at 20C, and ionic tortuosity.

Free cell viewer download

11 June 2020

The cell viewer is now available as a signed Microsoft Installer file from the Downloads page, so that you can see void structures in virtual 3D on your own PC. Many interesting void structures of geometric and real samples are being loaded there.