PoreXY – full release of the data pre-processor and compressibility measure

26 September 2022

We are pleased to announce the full release of PoreXY, after extensive testing of the beta release version.  It is a mercury porosimetry data pre-processor, available without a licence, free of charge after registering on this website.

Where appropriate according to the datafile, automatically input from a wide range of porosimeters, it

• subtracts blank runs,
• corrects porosity estimates,
• corrects for sample solid phase compressibility and calculates the sample’s solid phase bulk modulus,
• allows the user to trim the top and bottom of the intrusion curve if necessary, and
• thins the data so that the intrusion points are more equally spaced along the logarithmically scaled intrusion curve.

The benefits of these operations are described and exemplified in the on-line user manual.

Even if you do not use PoreXpert routinely, PoreXY can be useful. Quality control (but not void size estimation) can be carried by taking the first derivative (slope) of the intrusion curve, usually plotted with a logarithmic pressure (or size) axis. PoreXY outputs fewer and more equally spaced points, and therefore leads to easier measures of slope.